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How Often Are New Strategies/Concepts Created?
How Often Are New Strategies/Concepts Created?

When are new strategies or concepts built into the software?

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The short answer is, as often as possible. The longer answer is, when demand shows that we need the strategy/concept.

As the founder of the software, I want to reinforce that I wish we had 100 strategies in Tax Planner Pro. We get asked about crypto strategies, rental real estate strategies, adoption credits, and more.

I like building new strategies and concepts, its fun. But they also come with tremendous overhead. Once a strategy is built, we must maintain that strategy in terms of current news, changes in law, etc.

From February till August each year is when we normally implement new strategies/concepts, and that is not enough time to do everything we want, so we have to choose the strategies that are the most popular, most requested, etc.

On average we are able to do 2-4 per year. Up until 2023 we had a backlog, but for 2024 we do not, so below is a link where you can suggest and rank new strategies you would like to see built.

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