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Step 1: Setting Up Your Profile
Step 1: Setting Up Your Profile

Part 1- Accountant User Training

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Thank you for choosing Tax Planner Pro, in this series we will take you through getting started!

After subscribing the first screen you see will be a blank "Client List" but we wont be doing anything here just yet. You will want to set up your profile first so your reports look great.

  1. Using the navigation bar on the left and click on "Profile".

2. First fill in the "Details" section, with your company information. Then click "Update".

3. Next lets add your logos, look at the "Company Logo" section first and click "Browse"

Once a file is uploaded it will show the file name, now you want to click "Save Logo"

If the logo was saved successfully you will now see it under the "Company Logo" section.

4. Repeat this process for the "Mini Logo" section of your profile.

Now that your profile is set up head to Part 2 in this series to add your first client.

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