Step 2: Adding Clients

Part 2- Accountant User Training

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Now that your profile is looking good lets start adding your clients. You can use the navigation bar on the left to get back to your client list by clicking "Clients"

  1. First click on the "Add New Client" button.

2. Now you should see an area for you to add some client details. Their name, email, notes section, and the option to get a copy of their summary in your email.

Note: Name- This is the name that will appear in your client list.
Email/Password- You do not have to add an email, doing so will not initiate emails from TPP unless you opt to do so. An email and password are only required if you would like your clients to be able to log into the pro portal.

3. Once you have filled out the details you want to add click "Accept" to save your client in the list. Caution: If you click the red trash can it will delete the client.

4. Now you see your client in the list. The top of the screen will confirm the client was added. It will also create a password for that client to be able to access the pro portal be sure to save that somewhere if you want your client to access the portal.

A nice feature in this section is the ability to add multiple clients at the same time.

If you click "Add New Client" it will add additional lines for more clients you can then "Accept All" or "Delete All" with one click!

Next we will go to Part 3 "Client Settings"

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