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Step 4: Client Profile Set Up
Step 4: Client Profile Set Up

Part 4- Accountant User Training

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Now we will set up some details for your client.

  1. First click on "Client Portal", this can be done from client settings or directly from the client list.

Note: Clicking on "Client Portal" will generate a new window, if nothing opens for you check your pop up blocker. 

2. Now you should see your clients dashboard.

Note: You'll notice the upper left hand side now says "Tax Planner PRO" instead of accountant. It will confirm the email of the client you are ghosted into. And lastly the little ghost on the left is an indication you are "Ghosted In" to a clients portal.

3. Click on "Profile" using the navigation bar on the left. Then fill out your clients details and click "Update". If your client has a logo you want to add you can upload it in the same process we used in Part 2 of this series.

4. Choose the frequency you want TPP to send summary emails to your client. After selecting the option you want click on "Save Settings".

Now your clients profile details are complete lets get their business data connected in Part 5.

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