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Adding Firm/Client Details + Logo To The Reports
Adding Firm/Client Details + Logo To The Reports

Updating the "prepared for" and "by" sections on the report and adding your logo

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  1. To add your firms info and logo click on "Profile" from your client list.

2. The sections in red are where you can add firm details and your logos. **Be sure to click "Update" or "Save" accordingly, or you will lose that data.**

3. Next to add your clients details to the front of the report access that clients portal from your client list.

4. From the client portal click on "Profile" on the left hand side in the navigation bar.

5. Outlined in red is the section to fill out, you can add the clients details as well as their company logo. Be sure to click "Update" or "Save" accordingly.

6. After completing both your and your clients profiles and saving you will want to update the report or "create a new report" in the reports tab to see the changes reflected. For more info on updating reports please click here.

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