Step 5: Business Data

Part 5- Accountant User Training

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Here will will go over how to connect to a clients books, manual entry, and sync settings.

  1. Using the navigation bar in the clients portal click on "Companies" then click on "First Company" you will be taken to the "Connection settings"

2. Next choose either QuickBooks Online or Xero and then click "Save Settings" this will cause the page to reload.

3. You should now see a button under "Connection Management" click there and there will be a pop up to sign in.

4. Fill out the appropriate log in credentials and click "Sign In"

5. Once connected make sure the clients "Sync Settings" are ideal. Check the frequency definitions and decide which option you would like for your clients projection.

You can manually sync to your books with this button (if you changed something in your bookkeeping and want to reflect it in the projections).

This relates to how often you want TPP to update the projections from your business bookkeeping software.

-Linear- Uses the data from Jan 1 of the current year until today, then extrapolates what the rest of the year will be.
-Rolling Average- Uses data from the last 365 days.
-Last Year- Uses the prior calendar year of data.

Choose between accrual or cash basis depending on what your tax return uses. Most taxpayers are cash basis.

6. Clicking on the "Business Data" tab will show you all the details coming from the clients books, including the dates for the data being pulled. You can also manually override any of the projected amounts by editing the 3rd column and clicking "Save" at the bottom.

7. At the top of the "Business Data" screen you'll see the company's settings. Ensure that all the amounts and entity type/info is correct. You can change the default company name as well.

To adjust the ownership percentage scroll to the bottom under "Net Income Summary"

If you've made any edits here always be sure to click "Save" before navigating away.

Note: The wrong start date can mess up the projection, make sure its at least set for the prior year. 

Manual Entry: This is only intended for small side businesses, we recommend a connection to the books for the best projections. 

Note: You can add up to 8 companies per client, click "+ Add Company" in the navigation bar if you need to add additional businesses and repeat this process.

Now that you've set up your clients business data lets move to Part 6 of this series for entering the clients personal data.

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