Step 3: Client Settings

Part 3- Accountant User Training

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Now that you've added your first client make sure to turn on their planner to be able to see all that TPP has to offer your client.

  1. First from your client list click on the "Clients Name"

2, Now you should see the some of the details you set when you added your client, on the right side you should see "Client Projection Settings"

3. Click the button for "Enable All" and now all the planning modules will be visible when we go into the client portal to set up our first projection.

Checked (blue) means its enabled, unchecked (white) means disabled. You can use the "Enable All/Disable All" buttons to check or uncheck everything quickly or you can choose which you want to be visible in the clients portal. Now when go back to the client portal and the planning module will be active.

You will see a $0 benefit in the reports for the planners you have disabled.

The "Client Settings" section will allow you to quickly: 

A. Update your clients login credentials here.
B. Quickly upload a new Federal 1040 to be processed by TPP using the "Vault" section.
C. Navigate to the personal or business data or the main dash of the client portal.

Next we will go over how to set up the clients portal in Part 4.

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