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Vault Module Tutorial
Vault Module Tutorial

The Vault can help you update TPP as well as store your documents

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The Vault serves two purposes.

A. Online unlimited storage of clients docs and worksheets.

B. Here you can submit your clients 1040s and TPP will fill in the clients personal summary for you.

How to use the Vault:

  1. Click on the "Vault" tab in the navigation bar and click or drag the file you would like to upload

2. After you have successfully uploaded the clients 1040 you will see some additional options. Click "Submit to TPP" to make sure it makes it into the queue. Once it has been processed you will see it says "Handled Successfully" and you will also get a notification that its been completed.

*Vault Document Processing Times*

Your documents will be processed in the order received. This generally is 1 business day but can take a little longer during the busy season.

3. Once your file has been processed review the clients personal details and make any necessary modifications. Your clients projection is now completed and you can now review the projection, report, or planners.

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